Antique Bohemian picture weight.  Oval-shaped clear weight with photo on sulphide over a ground of fine frit, vertical star faceting running from the top of weight partially down the sides, placed internal bubbles.  Photo is of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, founder and first President of independent Czechoslovakia. 

Antique Bohemian picture weight.  Oval-shaped clear weight with photo on sulphide over a ground of multi-coloured frit, yellow combed feathering around bottom edge of weight, multi-faceted with front window facet, placed internal bubbles.  Photo is of an unknown soldier.
Bohemia/Silesia (c. 1900-1930).  Clear, grey glass, with one large and four small placed trumpet flowers of black, brown, orange, red and lime green set on a base of spatter glass of black, orange, red, yellow, green and white, 10 pulled feather motifs, 21 facets,   6" h x 2 9/16" w.

Bohemia/Czechoslovakia (c. 1900-1930).  Four trumpet flowers placed around one central trumpet flower of blue/orange/pink/white.  Set into a hill of pale green.  Concave vertical faceting.

Three trumpet flowers with a sprinkling of gold aventurine sit omn a bed of multi-coloured bits and silver aventurine.  Base is flat and polished.  Diameter 3 3/4", height 2 1/2".
Bohemia/Czechoslovakia (c. 1900-1930).  Four flowers composed of millefiori canes of green/white and red/white sitting on a multi-coloured hill.  Combed threads of red around base.  Broad egg-shape with slightly pointed top. 

Engraved script on front (dark edges)

Bohemia/Silesia (c. 1900-1930).  A central orange, waved, three-layer rose surrounded by spaced millefiori canes above a multi-coloured frit ground.  Multi-faceted.  

Overall pink and white flowers, multi-faceted.  Diameter 3 5/8", height approx. 3 1/4". 



Romanian plaque weight.  "Costica Miri Negus"

Bohemian.  Upright clear weight with painted cornflower and wildflowers, and bird with yellow breast (c. 1900).

Bohemian.  Upright clear three-sided weight with painted hummingbird and flowers (c. 1900).  

Bohemian.  Upright clear three-sided weight with cut vase and painted flower bouquet (c. 1900). 

Bohemian.  Clear upright cut pagoda type weight with amber base.  Maker unknown.

Bohemian.  Clear upright commemorative weight, "14 Marec 1938" with three flags (-- , Slovak, German), flowers, and some faceting to the edges.

March 14, 1938.  German assurances to Czechoslovakia.  With the incorporation of Austria into the Reich, the German government gave assurances to the Czechoslovak government of the German desire to improve relations between the two states.  The French and Soviet governments categorically declared their intentions to honor their treaty obligations for the defense of Czechoslovakia. 

Bohemian.  Butterfly composed of coloured frit edged in white (rods).  Crazing due to construction gives the frit a sparkle effect.  Butterfly motif floats over a bed of multi-coloured/clear pot.  Encasing glass has a green tinge.  Rough pontil mark.  Unsigned.  Diameter 3".  Note similarities to previous "Margaret" weight.

Commemorative weight, "1935" in orange letters floating above yellow wire-type five-pointed stars.  Frit ground.

Five bubble dark frit flower over white plaque.

Bohemian, one central white five-petalled trumpet flower with 3 green-yellow trumpet flowers with cental bubbles, over multi-coloured frit bed, one top facet. 
Photo to be added later.
Bohemian frit inkwell with matching stopper. See Paperweight Related Category for more details.