Modern Saint-Louis.  'Doily' weight, patterned millefiori on clear blue flash ground.  Signature cane "SL 1972" visible from top.  Diameter 3 1/8".

Modern Saint-Louis yellow clematis flower with a SL1970 signature cane.

Modern Saint-Louis.

Modern Saint-Louis miniature fruit paperweight on white latticino with a SL1980 signature cane.
Modern Baccarat.  Five-row clear concentric millefiori.   Acid etched logo 'Baccarat France' on base.

Modern Baccarat elephant gridel on white carpet ground 1974.

Modern Baccarat butterfly and flower paperweight with B1977 signature cane.

Modern Baccarat.  Spaced millefiori on white muslin.  Signature cane "B1973".
Large green swirl.  Signed 'Schneider, France'.
Les Verreries de Bréhat.  Modern form,"Nautilus".  Signed 'Julie-Ann Johnson'. 

Modern Saint-Louis penholder. See Paperweight Related Category for more details.