Orient & Flume.  Numbered 911, dated 1975, signed "H".

Orient & Flume.  Signed "506 S. 74".

Orient & Flume

Salazar, Daniel.  Lundberg Studios.  White apple blossoms with leaves on iridescent turquoise.  Signed.

Salazar, David.  Iridescent trailing vines on rose pink transparent.  Signed on base, 1/91.  Diameter 1 1/2".
Salazar, David.  Gold hearts and trailing vines on blue iridescent.   Signed, 1987.

Salazar, David.

Abelman, Stuart.  Swirls of deep aubergine and iridescent gold over iridized beige.  Signed on base "Abelman 3/FT1991". 
Diameter 2 1/2".

Abelman, Stuart.  Iridescent gold vines on deep purple with orange berries.  Signed Abelman, numbered ILI-444, dated 1981.

Bridgeton Studio.

Bridgeton Studio.

Bridgeton Studio. Purple flower. Chris Buzzini.