"Magenta", limited edition 522/750, designed by Colin Terris, CT-505 (1987).  

"Irish Wild Flowers", spherical limited edition of 500, designed by Allan Scott, CI-005 (1997).   Upright lampworked bouquet of four various flowers and one blue bud, with green leaves and stems.  Commissioned by Cash's of Ireland.

Christmas Candle 113/500.

Royal Wedding Anchor 108/500.

"Elegance", designed by Colin Terris, CT-204 (1981).  Single red crimp rose with ruffled edges supported by leaves of silver bubbles.   Limited edition of 250.  Signed on base "Caithness Scotland Elegance" and numbered 159/250.  Diameter 3". 

"Millefiori Reflections", designed by William Manson, CT-59 (1976).  Complex millefiori canes on a black ground with a placed single central bubble which holds a CG signature cane.  Signed on base "Caithness Scotland Millefiori Reflections".  Diameter 3".
"Mooncrystal" miniature, pale pink, designed by Colin Terris, CT-419 (1985).

"Shamrock" miniature.  Single green shamrock surrounded by a single ring of pale green/white/mauve millefiori canes on clear ground.  Unfaceted.  Scratch signed on base "Shamrock Caithness Scotland" F96105.  Diameter 2 1/4".

"Miniature Heart", Style Three.  Millefiori in heart shape surrounds a single lampworked red rose on a transparent cobalt blue ground.  Single front facet.  Designed by Allan Scott, Series 'Millefiori Miniatures', CT-862 (1991).  Signed on base "Miniature Heart, Caithness, Scotland" IK 82596.  Diameter 2 1/4".

"Luckenbooth" from the Romance Series, two interlocked hearts of millefiori canes over translucent pink swirls, surrounded by single circle of canes.  Designed by Colin Terris, CT-713 (1989). 

Note:  The Luckenbooth design is a traditional Scottish betrothal symbol.
"Rhythm", numbered 179, signed Helen MacDonald, 2001.
"Tempest", numbered FL1247, designed by Margot Thomson.  Swirl of pale pink and white, CT-552 (1987). 


"Miniature Butterfly", numbered J86413, designed by Allan Scott.  Miniature butterfly within a circle of white cog canes with central blue stars, on a pale blue ground, CT-861 (1991).

"Miniature Rose", numbered L16876, designed by Allan Scott.  Miniature five-petalled pink lampworked rose encircled by two rows of concentric canes, on a ground of clear amethyst, CT-793 (1990).
Photo to be added. Caithness "Celebration" millefiori swirl paperweight with C&D cane.

Caithness/Whitefriars.  Designed by Colin Terris.  Small unfaceted concentric millefiori with pink and white canes encircling a central butterfly silhouette cane on a clear aquamarine ground.   Base contains an imperfect Whitefriars date cane and is scratch signed CIIG.

Note:  Caithness purchased the Whitefriars factory in 1981.  Other faceted examples of the same weight have been sold bearing the Whitefriars signature/date cane.

Caithness/Whitefriars.  "Daisy Duet".  Designed by Allan Scott.  Issued in 2001, limited edition.  Two pink lampworked daisies with yellow centers and bud, with three geen leaves, on clear ground.  Five side facets and one top facet.  Lower edge has a field of etched daisies.  Signature Whitefriars cane at base of stems.  Scratch signed "Whitefriars 'Daisy Duet' Caithness Glass 19/50".  Diameter 3". 

"Caprice", numbered 480/750.  Designed by Colin Terris, limited edition of 750, CT-314 (1983).  
"Latticino", spaced concentric on latticino, designed by William Manson, Sr.  CG signature cane on bottom, CT-60 (1976).  Fire polished base, scratch signed "Caithness Latticino".

Caithness.  This weight is similar in construction to the preceding weight.  In this weight, the ring of canes is blue, rather than amber coloured and the base is ground and polished flat.  There is no signature. 

Caithness.  Five hexagonal panels of millefiori canes, edged with twists, surround a central white lampworked flower, all set on a transparent green ground.  Five side facets and one top facet.  Limited edition, signature "E" cane in one panel, scratch-signed on based "164/250 Edinburgh". 


Caithness "Cauldron".  Modern abstract lilac/pastel blue swirl with bubbles.  Designed by Innes Burns (2002).
"Cauldron" CT-290, also designed by Innes Burns (1982).
Marked CIIG on base (indicating factory second).  Design possibly "Cauldron" by Innes Burns.  Variations designed in 1982 and 2002.

Caithness perfume bottle. See Paperweight Related Category for more details.

Caithness perfume bottle. See Paperweight Related Category for more details.

Caithness perfume bottle. See Paperweight Related Category for more details.
Photo to be added later.
Selection of Caithness millefiori canes.