New Zealand.  From the Monet series, "Summer", signed Peter Raos, 2002, NZ.
Diameter 2 7/8".

Obelisk - unknown maker - Portuguese?
Clear paperweight with five-stripe swirl of white.  Signed. 
Abstract paperweight of dark green/grey glass with swirls of black and clay blue.  Bears some resemblance to the the British style of A.J. Thorneycroft.  This pontil is partially ground out however the piece is unsigned.  (Normally, the British weight would be scratch signed AJT with a date.)
Contemporary, yellow-green freeform weight with original label "Handmade by Ngwenya Glass, Kingdom of Swaziland, South Africa" (2001). 

India.  Ovoid shape with orange/brown/yellow frit 'flower' like shapes.  Base is ground, not polished.  Original paper label on base "Made in India".
Missing photo.
India. In original cardboard box.