Charles Kaziun, Jr.  Miniature pedestal, pink spider lily on blue and aventurine ground.  Unfaceted.  Gold foil signature "K" on underside. 

Charles Kaziun, Jr.  Miniature pedestal, red rope rose with three green leaves and three complex white and green canes with mauve heart centers on a turquoise ground.  Six side facets and one top facet.  Gold foil signature "K" on underside.  Height 1 1/2". 

Charles Kaziun, Jr.  Miniature pedestal, millefiori posy in latticinio basket.  Unfaceted.  Gold foil signature "K" on underside.   

Charles Kaziun, Jr.  Miniature purple flower on yellow jasper ground. Gold foil signature "K" on underside. 

Stankard, Paul.

Stankard, Paul.  Cymbidium Orchid with one curving stem emerging from five translucent yellow-green leaves, bearing five white and orange blossoms on a clear ground.  Numbered 68277 with signature cane black letter S on yellow, 1977.  Diameter 2 7/8".

Graeber, David.

Trabucco, Victor.  A single strawberry, blossom and bud on trailing green stem.  From the 'Fire and Ice' series, the paperweight is a multi-faceted piece.  Signature cane "VT" on the underside.  Diameter 3 3/8".
Trabucco, David and Jon.  Two blueberries and two red flowers on white muslin.  Signed and dated 2003.

Trabucco, David and Jon.

Ayotte, Rick.  Miniature triple weight "Rose".  Floral design with pink roses and baby's breath.   Limited edition.  Signed on edge of base "Rick Ayotte LE/5 2012".  Diameter of bottom weight 3", height 3 1/4" (approx).  
Ayotte, Rick.  Large dahlia bouquet with three dahlias and buds in red, orange, and white tinged with pink on a clear ground.  Signed AP/1 (artist's proof), 2003.  Diameter 3 1/2". 

Ayotte, Rick.  Miniature pink and white floral with blueberries.  Signed 'Ayotte M-32 '88'.  Diameter 2 3/8".
Photo to be added
Rick Ayotte gerbera diasy faceted paprweight.
Photo to be added Rick Ayotte bird with 3 young ones in a nest.

Ayotte, Melissa.  Forget-me-not bouquet.  Signed 'M. Ayotte 2004', MA Signature Cane.

Rosenfeld, Ken.  Monarch butterfly on five pink and white blossoms.  Signature cane, signed KR 2002.

Ray Banford.
Photo to be added Mayauel Ward white & pink flower compound paperweight.

Sherwin, Chris.  

Tarsitano, Delmo.

Richardson, Colin.

Hansen, Eric.

Hansen, Ronald.

Hansen, Ronald.


Pairpoint Glass.  Small millefiori scramble on clear ground.
Pairpoint Glass.  Spatter glass weight, original label on base.  From the period Gundersen-Pairpoint Glassworks (1952-57).

Pairpoint Glass swirl.

Whittemore, Francis.  A pink and white lady's-slipper orchid with a pale pink bud, and green leaves, over a translucent cobalt blue ground.  Signature cane on underside of leaf.  Limited edition.  Diameter 2 3/8".

Smith, Carolyn Marie.  Lampworked floral design with two sprays of buds and leaves.  Signature cane in underside, "CS", burgundy on white.

Smith, Gordon.  A pair of orchids with trailing leaves on clear ground.  Signed "GES 1983 EXP".

Salazar, Daniel.  A pair of white gardenias on pale pink ground.  Signed "Daniel Salazar, Lundberg Studios 2000,". Torchworked initials D.S. on underside of ground.

Salazar, Daniel.  A single white gardenia on dark cobalt blue ground.  Signed "Daniel Salazar, Lundberg Studios 1991, 052805".

Salazar, Daniel.  Two pink five-petalled cherry blossoms on green stem with leaves.  Signed "L.E. (limited edition) Daniel Salazar "Cherry Blossoms", numbered.   Diameter 2 7/8". 

Salazar, Daniel.  A blue butterfly floats over an iridescent blue layer beneath a spray of pink wisteria vine with green stems and leaves.  Signed "Lundberg Studios 1982 D. Salazar 111602 152/200" on base.  Diameter 3".

Briening, David & Dennis Briening.  Three pink ladyslippers with green stems on a clear ground.  Signature cane visible from top.

Richardson, Cathy.  "Tidal Pool" underwater scene.  Signed "TGA-001, 2007".

Parabelle concentric millefiori paperweight.
Photo to be added Parabelle pink flower encircled with 2 rings of canes. PB 1992.
Photo to be added Parabelle 3 rings of canes encircling a central pansy cane. PB 1982.

Ebelhare, Drew & Fox, Sue.  Collaborative paperweight with complex floral cane design by Drew Ebelhare containing a central blue flower with yellow center and three green leaves edged with gold aventurine on white latticino swirl by Sue Fox.  Red ground.  Signed on base "Fox/Ebelhare 4-10".  Diameter 2 5/8".

Ebelhare, Drew.  Closepack with complex floral canes and central pansy cane on a clear ground.  Contains a signature "E" cane in center of a green/white floral cane.  Signed on base "Ebelhare 4-10".  Diameter 2 5/8".

Ebelhare, Drew.  Close concentric with four rows of complex canes surrounding a large central collared cane.  A variety of bundled rod, collared, floret canes in white/rust/green/yellow/red.  Signed on base "Ebelhare 3-09".  Diameter 2 1/2".

Ebelhare, Drew.  Small close concentric millefiori with six rows surrounding a central complex cane and edged with alternating dark and pale five-point stars and white cane basket.  Signed on base "Ebelhare 8-96".  Diameter 2". 

Ebelhare, Drew.  Abstract design with multiple layers of colours, cane segments.  Colours of black, grey, orange, yellow, lime green and some dark green aventurine.  Scratch signed on base "Ebelhare 2-93 Houston".  Diameter 2 7/8".

Brown, Jim.  Magnum close concentric millefiori of pale blue, white and pink and grey complex canes.  Signed "Jim Brown 2003". 
Photo to be added Jim Brown. Cross-section of millefiori paperweight (for study).

MacNaught, Damon.  Close concentric millefiori with a variety of complex canes.  Signed on edge of base "D.  MacNaught 12".  Signature cane "M" visible from base on underside of canes.  Diameter 2 1/2".

Scrutton-Lewis, Julie.  Spaced concentric millefiori with central rose cane on red ground.  Limited edition, signed "Julie Scrutton-Lewis 1999, eleven of fifteen".

Hart, Jim.  Concentric millefiori with three rows of complex canes surrounding a central cane over a mottled dark/light blue ground.     Signature cane is visible on the underside of the ground "JH 08".  Diameter 2 3/8". 

Gentile, John.  Concentric millefiori with 12 side printies and 1 top facet.  Unsigned.  Base is slightly concave and polished.  Diameter 3 1/16", height 2".   

Gentile.  Spaced concentric with blue and white complex millefiori on pink ground with streamers of white.  Dated 1976.
Gentile, Peter.  "Flying Goose" design.  White flying goose with orange head over spaced bubbles.  Diameter 3 1/4".  Stamped on base "West Virginia state map" and letter "G" (mark used in 1979 by the Gentile factory).
Photo to be added Gentile scrambled paperweight with many twist canes.

Lundberg Studios.  World weight.

Simpson, Josh.  Large size, 'World Weight' design.  Signed "Simpson 11-24-03".

Simpson, Josh.  Medium size, 'World Weight' design.  Signed "Simpson 10459.02".  Diameter 3". 
Simpson, Josh.

Simpson, Josh. Marble.

Simpson, Josh.  Marble.  Signed JS 96.
Simpson, Josh. Marble.
Photo to be added
Simpson, Josh. Marble.

Shawn Messenger marble.  Signed SM.
Photo to be added later.
Alison Ruzsa "Weeping Cherry Tree" art glass paperweight signed and dated 2010.
Nesteruk, Edward.  Modern abstract window weight with veils of pale pink and single placed bubble.  Signed 'Nesteruk 11-81'.  Height 5 3/8".
Kachurik, Ed.  Modern abstract three-sided weight with veils of pale blue and pink and single placed bubble.  Signed and dated 2002.

Orient & Flume, Scott Byers.  Egg-shaped underwater scene with orange seahorse.  Signed "Orient & Flume Byers" and numbered "P0200E53016" on base.  Original sticker on base, Orient & Flume, Chico CA, USA.  Height 4".

Lindsay, David L.   Scrambled millefiori canes of black and white with iridescent.  Signed on base "Lindsay Art Glass 2008 David L. Lindsay".  Diameter 3 1/4".

Eckstrand, Mark.  Abstract underwater sea scene with canes.  Signed on base "ME 94".  Diameter 3".

Holmes, Elodie.  From the 'Signature Figure Line' , modern weight with three playful dancing figures with floating complex millefiori canes and placed floating bubble.  This design is done in clear glass.  Signed on base "Elodie Holmes 1999".  Diameter 3 1/8".

Correia, Steven V.   Iridescent sky with moon over white-tipped blue ocean waves.  Signed on base "Steven V. Correia @ July 1978, lettered, numbered 208/250".  Diameter 3 3/4".


Cape Cod Glass.

Davis, Henry.  Green and white 'Rainflower' design with bubbles.  Pontil mark 'Wheaton Village' (Millville, NJ).

American Mid-West, five-petalled red flower with central bubble over crimped frit.

American Mid-West, five-petalled blue flower with central bubble in a flowerpot of frit.

Rithner, Ed.  Eight-petalled flower, red with white edges, and single central bubble over a ground of red/white/green frit ground.  Fire polished base, rough pontil.  Unsigned.  Diameter 2 7/8", height 2 5/8".   

Rithner, Ed.  Small weight, five-petalled green and white flower, edges in white.  Unsigned.

Rithner, Ed.

Harold Hacker.

St. Clair, Joe.  Multi-coloured crimp with eight placed bubbles.  Impressed mark on base "Joe St. Clair".

St. Clair, Bob.  Pale pink/blue/yellow setup with placed bubbles.  Impressed mark on base "Bob St. Clair".


Photo to be added later.
Chris Sherwin PCA Convention 2017 table flavour - white flower on green ground.
Photo to be added later.
Chris Sherwin table favour - small flower paperweight.

Photo to be added later. Red and white glass heart (Cuneo Furnace - Steve Maslach?)
Photo to be added later. Robert Fritz upright paperweight with dichroice glass - etched with birds & stars.
Photo to be added later. Nancy Freeman abstract paperweight with swirls & canes.
Photo to be added later. Orient & Flume egg-shaped paperweight with 3 purple flowers.